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Giving and Receiving Feedback


Feedback is an essential part of every developmental and performance journey. Ongoing feedback is part of a healthy and transparent organisational environment. Well delivered, it can provide opportunities to build skills, improve communications, enhance relationships, and improve patient safety. Yet, for many, giving and receiving feedback can prove challenging. What if we cause offence? What might the reaction be? This course examines the key themes and benefits of creating a feedback culture within your Trust or ICS to genuinely improve teamworking and the patient experience.


Who is it for?

Anyone in the organisation who wants to develop their skills and practice. Team managers who manage change and inter-disciplinary relationships.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of feedback in an individual and team setting
  • Provide informal and formal feedback to colleagues in a 360-degree manner
  • Manage emotion and conflict when giving and receiving feedback
  • Plan and structure feedback conversations to attain better outcomes and maintain relationships


Learning Content:

  • Feedback as part of the developmental cycle
  • Understanding the difference between submissive, aggressive, and assertive behaviours
  • Managing emotion – dealing with the facts
  • Delivering feedback using the SNIPP model
  • Facilitation and questioning techniques
  • Managing conflict
  • Developing objectives and action planning
  • Practice sessions


Indicative Duration

1 day

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