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System Leadership


Within NHSP we have the capacity and capability to run a variety of Leadership Programmes that can be run as either “stand alone” sessions, or as part of a wider programme.

Below is an indication of the type of programme that could be delivered and indicative content. This programme could be adapted to meet local system need and can be extended or reduced as required.


Day one - Setting the Direction: 

Webinar (2 hours): 

Statutory frameworks for Leading in the NHS including: 

  • Discussion about Health and Social Care Act (2014)
  • Equality Act (2010)
  • Mental Capacity Act (2014) The Care Act (safeguarding) (2011)
  • The roles and responsibilities of leaders in the NHS

Workshop/Webinar (3 hours): 

Working with Complexity – understanding the implications of The NHS Long Term Plan for localities:

  • Understanding the local delivery model
  • System dynamics enablers and barriers
  • System Mapping
  • The role of the Leader in managing complexity


Day two - Leading Transformational Change 

Face-to-Face or Virtual - Full day: 

  • Systems Leadership and Transformational Change – reviewing change models and theory and applying these to real scenarios
  • Building the vision and making it real
  • Compassionate Leadership leading change through people
  • Setting the direction and selling the story – compelling communication


Day three - Building the System 

Face-to-Face or Virtual - Full day: 

  • Working with competing priorities - building a win- win situation
  • Breaking down the barriers – organisational, professional, personal
  • Defining accountability in the system
  • Understanding the financial impact of service remodeling and delivery
  • Managing risks and taking risks


Day Four - Delivering the Service  

Face-to-Face or Virtual - Full day: 

  • Understanding the patient experience – exploring methods of evaluation to inform improvements
  • Improving services – system working to improve the patient experience
  • Developing quality assurance processes


Day Five - Developing as a Leader

  • Emerging Leadership – what kind of leader do you want to be
  • Building personal resilience – And managing personal health and well being


Golden Threads: 

  • Statute – The NHS Long Term Plan, Equality Act (2010), The Care Act (2014), Employment Law, Health & Social Care Act (2012)
  • Self-reflection and feedback
  • Patients at the centre of care delivery – improving patient experience

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