Allied Healthcare Professionals

By partnering with NHS Professionals, you’ll get access to highly trained Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) who are ready to support high quality, sustainable care throughout your Trust.


About the service

Allied Health Professionals are an indispensable link in creating sustainable care which delivers the best outcomes for your patients. By partnering with NHS Professionals, you’ll be able to access a bank of over 9,200 AHPs, all of whom can work flexibly to support patient care in your Trust. Whether you need support to fill adhoc shifts, require continuity of care or are scaling up, we’ll undertake all recruitment and compliance work on your behalf, growing the number of workers available in line with your requirements.  

Our AHPs cover all specialisms and seniorities from Band 2 through to 8c or higher. This includes well-known careers such as physiotherapists, dieticians and radiographers, to the less high profile (for example orthoptists, prosthetists or drama therapists). This means that our AHP bank can adapt to your needs, even in rapidly changing circumstances.

With over 1.7million AHP hours delivered in 2021/22, our track record in placing AHPs across acute, community and mental health settings in England speaks for itself.


Benefits to your Trust

  • Access to a pool of vetted, compliant and ready to work Allied Health Professionals
  • All recruitment and compliance taken care of for you, as well as all required online and practical training
  • Experience all of the benefits of economies of scale, without having to increase your own establishment
  • Rapid scalability of the service to cater to your precise needs
  • Reduce agency costs and drive down unfilled shift rates
  • Build a sustainable pipeline of talented, patient focused professionals to help you care for patients at every point of their pathway
  • Access to a focused client solutions manager who can work with you to explore your needs and identify specific resources to meet them.


Pay arrangements

Allied Health Professionals are paid within the band relating to their experience.


How do I get more information?

Contact our specialist team to discover our unique service can support your Trust and care for your patients on: AHP&