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OSCE Mental Health Programme


Mental Health OSCE Preparation and Acclimatisation Training Programme, accredited by the RCN

Duration: 10 days

Pre-requisites: Mental Health Nurses planning to join or re-join the NMC register.

Our 10-day Mental Health OSCE Training Programme has been crafted to immerse international nurses, and return to practice (RTP) mental health nurses, in the intricacies of the NMC examination. Our comprehensive program includes APIEs (Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation) sessions and six clinical skills training modules. Located at our fully equipped training centre, we recreate the test day environment, delivering the most authentic and stimulating preparation.

In addition to this, our program provides coaching, consistent guidance, and continuous feedback, all meticulously tailored to empower nurses in achieving success in their NMC OSCE, propelling them forward in their nursing careers in the UK. 


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for successful completion of the Mental Health OSCE Assessment
  • Prepare confidently for the assessment process
  • Understand and apply the NMC Code to a range of scenarios
  • Appreciate the culture & values of the NHS and Social Care systems
  • Create an individual Personal Development Plan 
  • Proficiency document mental health assessments, interventions accurately and in a timely manner while upholding patient privacy and confidentiality. 
  • Cultivate a patient-centred care approach, emphasizing holistic well-being. 
  • Demonstrate the pivotal role of precise record-keeping in nursing practice. 


Learning Content:

  • NHS values and culture
  • Practical Skills:
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Administration of Suppository
    • De-escalation
    • Nutritional Assessment
    • Reminiscence Therapy
    • Talking Therapies
    • Physiological Observations
  • Depression and Suicide Ideation
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Drug Administration
  • Assessment Planning Implementation Evaluation (APIE)
  • Written Skills:
    • Evidence-Based Practice
    • Care Planning
    • Medication Charts
  • Professional Skills:
    • Communication
    • Health promotion
    • Ethical and legal aspects
    • The role of the NMC
    • Managing Risk
    • Revalidation
  • Exploring the core principles and boundaries of mental health nursing practice
  • Societal stigma on individuals with mental health conditions
  • Addressing disparities and championing equity in mental health care delivery
  • Examination Preparation:
    • What to expect on the day?
    • Psychological preparation
    • Coping strategies for employment
    • Whole OSCE Mock Exams for all skills stations
    • Common causes of failure
  • Formulation of Personal Development Plan


Learning Methodology:

Learning methodology includes;

  • Didactic presentations
  • Group discussion
  • Presentation and discussion
  • Individual and group activities
  • Demonstration and discussion
  • Listening and communication exercises
  • Role play


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