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OSCE Revision and Mock Assessment

Duration: 1 day

Pre-requisites: Delegates should have completed an OSCE preparation training course.


Statistically, passing the OSCE assessment first time is challenging. This one-day OSCE revision and mock assessment course is designed to help those who:

  • Have attended OSCE preparation training and would benefit from a refresher day based around their individual needs, or
  • Wish to have their skills tested in a full mock assessment prior to their OSCE test, or
  • Have attempted and failed the OSCE as part of the NMC Test of Competence and require support to pass on the next attempt.

The content of the day is bespoke and based on the candidate’s needs. This will be discussed before attendance.

For those who have yet to sit the OSCE, the content will be based on their areas of concern, as captured in their personal development plan (PDP).

For those who have failed the NMC OSCE the content will be based on their feedback from the OSCE test centre, as well areas of concern identified by the candidate. This course offers intensive coaching to give candidates the best chance of passing next time.

It is important to note that if a candidate has failed more than five OSCE stations, more than one day will be required to practise those skills.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Undertake the NMC OSCE with increased confidence.
  • Describe the criteria against which they will be marked during the NMC OSCE.
  • Understand the importance of the NMC The Code 2018 and its application to a range of scenarios.
  • Perform comprehensive patient assessments, documenting relevant findings and observations accurately in whilst maintaining patients’ privacy and confidentiality.
  • Provide care that is holistic, and patient centred. 
  • Ensure that all care is communicated clearly and sensitively.
  • Document patient records accurately and contemporaneously.
  • Prepare for the NMC OSCE ensuring that care is evidence-based.


Learning Content:

The content will be based on a review of participants needs, based on their PDP or feedback from their OSCE attempt, typically it will include:

  • Overview of the OSCE exam process
  • Application of the NMC Code
  • In depth understanding of the examination marking matrix for the test stations
  • Review and practise completing paperwork to required standard
  • Mock OSCE stations under examination conditions
  • Detailed feedback on each assessment/skill to facilitate further development
  • Action planning for further development prior to undertaking the OSCE


Learning Methodology:

This is a highly pragmatic course with tips and templates to help successfully pass the NMC OSCE.

It is instructor-led and interactive. Participants bring their prior experience, training and (if applicable) OSCE examination feedback. They are helped to apply this to passing the NMC OSCE by experienced OSCE trainers and past OSCE examiners.

This course is flexible and will be adapted to the individual needs of the participants.

There will be skill stations practised under examination conditions with detailed feedback given to the participants on their performance and areas for improvement.

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