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OSCE Clinical Facilitator Programme

Duration: 3 days

Pre-requisites: Registered staff


This programme has been developed to provide skills and knowledge to qualified staff who are supporting others to learn in practice.


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the OSCE processand the role of the clinical facilitator 
  • Build trust with the learner(s)
  • Apply adult learning theory to the role of the OSCE facilitator for international students
  • Work with different learning styles to develop learning in practice
  • Utilise coaching models to support learning and development
  • Employ effective listening and feedback skills
  • Discuss the APIE examination process knowledgably and support others in the values and beliefs required in the OSCE process
  • Apply knowledge to performance in mock sessions and clinical stations practice


Learning Content:

This is a three-day programme that combines the opportunity to learn new skills and to hone existing skills to support others on their learning journey.

The learning content includes:

  • The OSCE process 
  • Role of the clinical facilitator 
  • Adult learning theory and apply to the role of the OSCE facilitator for Ins 
  • Learning styles and how these affect learning in practice 
  • The GROW model to support learning in practice 
  • Skills in feedback  
  • APIE examination process 
  • Values attitudes and beliefs that need to be demonstrated as part of the OSCE process 
  • Familiarisation with some of the OSCE clinical skills stations  
  • Unique needs of the international nurses to support their integration  
  • The role of the clinical facilitator and develop a plan to take into practice 

The delegates will be given the opportunity to practise these skills with fellow delegates to improve their confidence and competence. 

Delegates will learn how to give effective feedback and will also receive feedback on their performance within the programme. 

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