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Incident Response


How we respond to incidents is crucial in terms of managing the situation, sensitivity, learning lessons, and adding to prevention strategies. This comprehensive course examines best practices in incident response and how, by involving all team members, our responses can develop.


Who is it for?

All Lead investigators conducting patient safety incident investigations. All Executive, Commissioning and Service lead for investigation. Investigators supporting or overseeing patient safety incident investigations.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate a clear understanding of the principles of Patient Safety Incident Investigation (PSII)
  • Apply the PSII principles to investigations
  • Identify and obtain key evidence including documentary evidence and statements
  • Use effective interview techniques (structured, semi-structured, cognitive).
  • Undertake interviews with staff, patients, and families in an effective and sensitive manner
  • Evaluate organisational factors and culture
  • Analyse and interpret the evidence obtained and draw conclusions about causal and contributory factors and systems
  • Write effective recommendations to address the key issues in the investigation
  • Consolidate and report the findings in a high-quality investigation report


Course Content:

  • Safety Incident Investigation – analysing the situation and decision-making protocols explain why the decision to investigate is made and consider other options
  • Roles and responsibilities for investigations
  • Planning an investigation in line with national requirements
  • Principles and agreement of robust and meaningful terms of reference and maintaining focus
  • Collection of evidence for an investigation systems approach
  • Evaluation, review, and weighting of evidence
  • Preparing an interview
  • Establishing rapport
  • Conducting an investigative interview using a structured approach model
  • Identifying additional support and expertise
  • Writing an investigation report with clear actionable recommendations and conclusions
  • Supporting patients/staff following an incident
  • Responding to concerns of relatives, patients and witnesses
  • Human Factors and healthcare incidents
  • This course will involve role play and case studies


Indicative Duration:

2 Days

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