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Introduction to Human Factors


An understanding of the human factors in patient safety enhances performance and is vital in creating awareness to help prevent accidents. Human factors encompass teamwork, design of tasks, equipment and workspaces, culture, systems, and organisations. In this introduction, we focus on how we might apply this knowledge in clinical settings. However, its application can be used in wider contexts and situations.


Who is it for?

All Lead investigators conduct patient safety incident investigations. All Executive, Commissioning, and Service lead for investigation. Investigators supporting or overseeing patient safety incident investigations. Any staff who wishes to develop a basic knowledge/awareness of human factors.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Gain an appreciation of human factors principles
  • Provide a model of human factors to use in the real world
  • Provide examples of human factors methods


Learning Content:

  • Definition of human factors
  • SIEPS Model
  • Examples & discussion of each SIEPs work element
  • Group activity for SIEPs work element using human factors methods
  • Self-assessment of learning and development needs


Indicative Duration

½ day

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