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Pressure Ulcer Care


Course Overview:

The majority of pressure ulcers are preventable.  This one-day programme for Health Care Workers looks at the reasons why pressure ulcers develop how they can be prevented.


Indicative Audience:

Health Care Workers (HCW) in all care settings.


Aims of the programme:

  • To understand the anatomy of the skin and how pressure ulcers develop
  • To understand the predisposing factors that contribute to pressure ulcer development
  • To understand the use of the Braden Scale in assessment of risk of pressure ulcer
  • To identify the role of the HCW in the prevention of pressure ulcers


Course Content:

  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Review of contributing factors including, age, mobility, nutritional status, incontinence
  • Using the Braden Scale to assess risk
  • The role of the HCW in preventing and treating pressure ulcers
  • Referring to a health care professional
  • Record keeping and legal considerations when pressure ulcers develop


Indicative Duration: 

1 day

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