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Managing Fluid Balance


Course Overview:

This is a half-day workshop aimed at health care workers who are responsible for monitoring the fluid balance of their patients.


Indicative Audience:

Health Care Workers (HCW) across all health care settings.


Aims of the programme:

  • To understand the principles of fluid balance and the importance of accurate fluid measurement
  • To understand the common causes of dehydration or overhydration and the implications of each
  • To develop competence and confidence in the completion of fluid balance charts
  • To identify the role of the HCW in the accurate measurement of fluid input and output


Course Content:

  • Common causes of dehydration and overhydration
  • Signs and symptoms of dehydration and overhydration
  • Complications of dehydration or overhydration
  • Using a fluid balance chart accurately
  • The role of the HCW in fluid balance monitoring
  • Record keeping
  • Referring to a health care professional


Indicative Duration:

Half day.

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