Understanding the opportunity

Part of understanding the opportunity requires you to reflect on and discuss what you might like to do in the future in health and social care and what options might be available to you. Take some time to consider where you are today and then use some of the thoughts below to guide your exploration. Remember this is about you and what you might like to achieve in the future.

I am considering another role in health or social care (now or at some point in the future) and would like to explore this in greater depth. Here are some things I should have in mind while exploring roles.

  • Why do I want to work in the NHS?
  • What was my background before being part of covid response?
  • Based on my research, what roles would I be suitable for?
  • What have I enjoyed the most about the work I have been doing?
  • What setting do I want to work in?
  • What are my opportunities for employment?
  • How will I be supported?
  • What do I want my working hours to be?
  • Will I need training?
  • What are my aspirations?

Check out the ‘Resources to help you explore’ section for up to date information enabling a more detailed understanding of available opportunities.