The 5 Day Way


1. The survey...

NHS Professionals is always looking at ways to improve services so that we can offer a better experience to our bank members. Between 21st August and 10th September 2018, we conducted a survey, Your Pay, Your Way to find out more about bank members thoughts around our payroll service.

2. What did our bank members say?

We received an incredible 19,680 responses from bank members across the country. Results from the survey showed that although many of our bank members were satisfied with the current 10 day payroll cycle, over 5800 bank members were either unhappy with the frequency of pay or not satisfied with the current 10 day payroll cycle.

Keep an eye out for the full results in the coming weeks.

3. What did we do?

As a result of the survey, we have decided to change our payroll cycle from 10 days to 5 days for staff booking shifts through My:Bank to give our bank members a better experience. *

This change will take effect from Sunday 14th October, so any timesheets released by 23:59 on Sunday 14th October will be paid on Friday 19th October.

4. What does this mean for bank members?

Bank members should continue to book and work shifts as usual, but will now have until 23:59 Sunday each week to release their timesheets on My:Bank instead of Wednesday, for payment on the Friday. 

5. What does this mean for ward managers?

Ward managers now have an extra few days to authorise their timesheets on Our:Bank. However, please remember to do this before Sunday each week so that your bank staff have enough time to release their timesheets in line with the new 5 Day Way payroll cycle! **

Play your part in The 5 Day Way!

*Please note, Medical and Dental staff groups supported on NHSP:Connect will be unaffected at this stage.

**For NHSP:Connect users the timesheet authorisation process will remain the same until Phase 2 is delivered.