Overseas NHS Workers Day


Overseas NHS Workers Day, held on Friday 3rd March 2023 is a day to recognise the incredible contributions of foreign nationals to our NHS. We are incredibly proud of the work we do with our international members, and appreciate their dedication to our National Health Service.


See below for the experience of some of our members.


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Zainab Al Amery

Paediatric Nurse at Alder Hey. Deployed in December 2022. From Iraq and deployed from UAE.

“Coming to the UK and working for the NHS is a complete new experience for me, but a good one indeed. You will find everything you need as long as you are willing to make an effort to find it, be assured that you will be supported by such lovely people and colleagues. I am most grateful to the NHS for giving me this opportunity to start a new chapter in my life”






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Elisa Marina do Prado Silva

Acute Nurse at Tameside & Glossop. Deployed in October 2022. From Brazil and deployed from Brazil.

“Working as a nurse in a foreign country to me is definitely a big challenge, not only for being away from family and people we love, but also because we need to learn how things are done here, to adapt to the new environment and language and we also face cultural differences all the time. Personally speaking, I would say that all aspects involved in this process are a unique opportunity to grow as a professional and human being.

Diversity is absolutely celebrated in the NHS. In the hospital where I work, I can see people from different countries, with completely different backgrounds, religions, and all of us are treated with respect and dignity. 

It means a lot for me to contribute to the NHS because I am a person who truly believes in Public Healthcare because I see it not only as a service, but as a human right. It is an honour for me to be part of the NHS and the NHS was actually used as a model for the creation of the healthcare system we have in Brazil – it saves lives everyday of people who would never be able to afford it otherwise. I hope to be able to be part of the improvement of the system so it can receive the value and support it deserves.”




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Aminat Adebiyi

Midwife at North Cumbria. Deployed in November 2022. From Nigeria and deployed from United Arab Emirates (UAE)

“Being an international nurse in a foreign country has been an eye-opener. I have learnt many interesting ways to care for patients. I have also seen how technology has helped simplify and improve healthcare delivery. I see myself as being a better nurse now. Diversity is highly celebrated in the NHS. I have felt more confident and highly motivated to be working with nurses and doctors from all walks of life without discrimination. NHS is, to me, the world in one community. Contributing to the NHS means to give my best at all times.”




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Amy Tse

Acute Nurse at Croydon. Deployed in December 2022. From Hong Kong and deployed from Hong Kong.

“I am so happy to be here! My classmates and new colleagues are from all over the world which is totally different to what it is like in Hong Kong. I will start working in the ward next week and I am excited and I am confident I will adapt to this new environment with the support of my new colleagues. I am so thankful to the NHS for this opportunity, and the OSCE training so I can work as a full registered nurse here and wear my blue uniform once I have my NMC pin. Thank you so much, all the best to everyone.”