Workforce Matters – Juliette Cosgrove speaks at NHE Workforce event

Career individualisation, e-rostering and tips for Chief Nurses to maximise the benefit of the temporary workforce were just three topics covered during National Health Executive (NHE) Workforce panel event, attended by NHS Professionals’ Juliette Cosgrove.

Juliette, NHS Professionals’ Chief Nurse and Director of Clinical Governance, had been invited to the panel to share her experiences gained during her 30-year nursing career.  The panel was part of NHE’s Workforce Conference, attracting over 200 delegates from across the healthcare sector.

Speaking after the event, Juliette said:

“I was delighted to be invited to the NHE Workforce event alongside Dr Makani Purva.

“During the panel, we had an opportunity to address some of the fundamental staffing and workforce issues facing the NHS today.  The discussion covered a surprising amount of ground and invited some fantastic engagement.

“As a Chief Nurse, I really welcome taking part in this type of forum to be able to hear the experiences of others and to share insights from NHS Professionals – all of which contribute towards improving patient care throughout the NHS.”

Full information about the NHE NHS Workforce event can be see through their website.

Juliette’s panel session can now be viewed, and shared, directly from Youtube.