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NHS Professionals has been invited to work in partnership with Central Surrey Health by taking over the day-to-day management of its temporary staffing. Please note this will take place from 31st October 2022 for:

  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Admin & Clerical
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Doctors
  • Support Services
  • Health Care Sciences

A high quality and flexible workforce is the key to being able to provide high-quality patient care. This is why we need more flexible workers to return or join our bank, in order to keep up the NHS standards:

  • Become part of the team
  • Deliver the best care possible
  • Build great relationships
  • Develop your skills

CSH works in partnership with NHS Professionals (NHSP) to recruit bank staff. When you join the NHSP bank you are subject to its terms and conditions but you’ll enjoy several perks.

Whatever your availability we value your skills and experience and can provide you with a fantastic opportunity to work with us in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Yes, with NHS Professionals, you earn holiday for every hour you work (not including lunch or tea breaks). You will start building holiday from the first shift you work for NHSP.

If you are unwell and unable to work for 3 days or less, this is not eligible for a sickness absence payment.

Eligibility starts on the 4th day (in a row) of your sickness absence. You should complete and provide an Employee's Statement of Sickness form (SC2) to self certify which can be found here.

To be eligible for sickness absence payment:

  • you need to have worked at least one shift a week for the last 13 weeks prior to the start of your sickness.
  • earn at least £123 (before tax) per week for the 8 weeks preceding your inability to work.

If you meet the above criteria, please complete an Employee's Statement of Sickness form (SC2) which can be found here, and then send it to payandreward@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk, including your details (name, DOB, Staff ID) and a clear description of your reason for absence.

If you are off sick for more than 7 days we'll also need a fit note issued and signed by your GP.

If you do qualify for sick-pay, you will be paid Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) on the following Friday (after being reviewed by SBS). If you have not received pay on the Friday this means you were not eligible for payment.

If you do not qualify for sick-pay, We will send an SSP1 form via recorded mail to enable you to complete and provide to your local job centre to claim benefits for you sickness. This is usually sent out within 7 working days.

Please note there are exceptions where you may not qualify for sick pay.

If you are required to travel as part of your duties whilst working and NHS Professionals shift and it is authorised by an appropriate manager within CSH then you are able to claim travel expenses.

Please complete the Travel Expenses Claim Form, including a signature from an appropriate manager in the Trust, and e-mail to sbs-s.expensesnhsp@nhs.net. All receipts must also be attached to the claim.

All expense claims must be submitted no more than three months after the event/activity that the claim refers to.

Yes. Epay will no longer be used and NHSP processes will be followed.

Please complete the Travel Expenses Claim Form, including a signature from an appropriate manager in the Trust, and e-mail to sbs-s.expensesnhsp@nhs.net. All receipts must also be attached to the claim.

All expense claims must be submitted no more than three months after the event/activity that the claim refers to.

Claims received are processed within 10 days, for example anything received from Midnight on Thursday 4th August until Midnight on Wednesday 10th August 2022 will be processed for payment on Friday 20th August 2022.

The current mileage rates for bank workers at NHS Professionals is 56p per mile up to 3,500 miles, once this amount of miles is reached any miles travelled in excess of this are paid at 20p per mile.

The allowance is reset at the start of the mileage year which runs from 1st July to 30th June each year.

Yes, you will need to specify this to NHSP post transfer. This however will require additional steps to be completed. The closest provider to use NHSP is Surrey & Borders.

NHS Professionals provides Bank Members with access to comprehensive online, and classroom based training, free of charge. Bank Members do not receive payment for attending classroom based training, reimbursement for travel, or time to complete online training. Online training can be completed in your own time, at your own pace.

CSH will provide this as part of the transfer.

NHS Professionals will continue to pay workers weekly for any bank shifts they undertake for any bank shifts that have been authorised and released on the NHS Professionals online booking system.

Booking assignments will be online via NHS Professionals online system; they will provide you with your log in details for the system nearer to the transfer date.

Your transfer to NHS Professionals will have no effect on your permanent employment contract with CSH, your permanent substantive employment with CSH will remain with CSH, it is only the bank contract with CSH that will transfer to NHS Professionals under TUPE.

As identified in the measures in (appendix 2 in the Consultation document provided), if you leave your substantive post at CSH NHS Professionals will require you to complete their full bank worker registration in order to be able to continue to carry out assignments via NHS Professionals. Please inform the NHSP Trust Partners Onsite team and they will put you through the process.

Any hours outside of substantive hours (extra hours/over time or a shift) must be put through NHSP bank service.

If you do not wish to transfer to NHS Professionals, you must inform CSH’s People Services department via csh.nhsptransfer@nhs.net . This will mean you will be unable to carry out any bank shifts at CSH as NHS Professionals will provide CSHs bank services going forward from 31st October 2022 onwards.

At point of transfer as long as your DBS is compliant with CSH's policy (3 years from date of issue) you will not need to renew this until the expiry date. From that point forward NHSP will renew your DBS yearly.

We will communicate more information about training & meet and greet sessions at the end of the consultation period.

You must inform CSH’s People Services department via email CSH.nhsptransfer@nhs.net and they will pass your details to NHS Professionals.

We are currently working through solutions to this and will come back to staff in due course. We recognise not all courses are available to book pre transfer e.g. food hygiene.

Although your employment contract will not move to NHSP you will use a different booking platform. We are currently organising virtual information sessions and will confirm the dates in due course.

TUPE is the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, 2006, and its purpose is to preserve workers’ terms and conditions of employment, following their transfer from one organisation to another. For more information, please see www.direct.gov.uk

The project Team is currently looking at the courses on offer with NHSP & we will communicate back to you in due course.

Currently at CSH all Holiday is paid directly to you in your payslip as WTD.

Your rate of pay at the time of the TUPE transfer will be protected under the TUPE regulations and therefore you will transfer across and remain on the same pay rate. Your Pay details will be provided to us by CSH.

Your current terms and conditions outlined in Conditions of Registration for Bank Workers that you have with CSH will remain mostly unchanged following your transfer to NHSP. Any changes that may be made to the terms of this agreement by NHS Professionals are known as measures, any measures have been identified in this document at appendix 2. Please refer to this document in your possession.

NHS Professionals have a 24/7 Service Centre available for support who can be contacted on 03332 407 552. They will also have an onsite team called the Trust Services Team at CSH, these details of where they will be located at CSH sites is still to be confirmed.

When you are working a shift with CSH your management will be designated for each assignment for the area you are working in as it is currently.

Yes, if you are already a member of the NHS Pension scheme, you will remain in the scheme at the point of transfer. If you are eligible to join the NHS Pension scheme but have so far opted out of doing so, under New Fair Deal legislation you will still be eligible to join the NHS Pension with NHS Professionals after the TUPE transfer date.


Yes, all bank only workers will be able to order new NHS Professionals uniforms and these will be posted to your home address. Substantive CSH employees working Bank assignments with NHS Professionals will continue to use CSH’s uniform.

Yes, all CSH Bank workers will need to be fully compliant with all training elements prior to transfer to NHSP. Online training is available through ESR and E learning for health platform. If you require a face to face training session in order to be compliant and there are no spaces on courses prior to the transfer please let CSH know, they are working on a solution for this. Please contact L&D to find out about your outstanding training.

No; you have been identified in scope to transfer to NHS Professionals automatically under TUPE and therefore, unless you opt out of the transfer, your bank registration with CSH will automatically transfer to NHS Professionals when the service transfers.


Yes you will retain appropriate access to enable you to carry out your bank duties.

We are working with NHSP currently to come up with a solution to this, resource allowing. Ideally we would like all current bank shifts post transfer to move to the system without Manager re-input but we will confirm in due course.

NHS Professionals do not issue paper payslips but operate online payslips accessible to you at any time from your NHS Professionals online profile.

Questions or queries?

If you have any questions or queries email csh.nhsptransfer@nhs.net.

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