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NHS COVID-19 app

The NHS COVID-19 app has been designed to help identify positive cases local to individuals. It includes contact tracing using Bluetooth, risk alerts based on postcode district, QR code check-in at venues, symptom checker and test booking. It forms a central part of the NHS Test and Trace service in England and Wales.


What is Contact tracing?

Contact tracing is an established method to help prevent the further spread of infections such as COVID-19. It works by identifying a confirmed case, contacting them by telephone and asking them who they have been in contact with and when. To be considered at risk the individuals will have to have been in close contact with a confirmed case and have spent more than 15 minutes (the ‘15-minute rule’) with them without any personal protection. This means that those who have casually passed by someone on the street will not be considered to be at risk.


How do I install the NHS COVID-19 app?

Use either the App Store or Google Play to search for the app. It is called ‘NHS COVID-19’ and is free to download. 


How does the NHS COVID-19 app work?

The app has a number of features;

  • Trace: find out when you've been near other app users who have tested positive for coronavirus.
  • Alert: lets you know the level of coronavirus risk in your postcode district.
  • Check-in: get alerted if you've visited a venue where you may have come into contact with coronavirus, using a simple QR code scanner. No more form filling.
  • Symptoms: check if you have coronavirus symptoms and see if you need to order a test.
  • Test: helps you order a test if you need to.
  • Isolate: keep track of your self-isolation countdown and access relevant advice.



Will it cost me to install the NHS COVID-19 app?

The UK’s major mobile network operators, including Vodafone, Three, EE and O2, Sky and Virgin, have confirmed that all in-app activity will not come out of customers’ data allowance.


Should I use the NHS COVID-19 app when I’m working a shift?

The app works by picking up the Bluetooth off other phones. We recommend that you use the ‘pause’ contact tracing function on the app when you are in healthcare buildings including, hospitals and GP surgeries. You can still use some of the app’s functionality whilst the app contact tracing feature is paused, should you wish i.e. checking in to an onsite café.


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