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We are proud to be the official job board sponsor for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) Annual Conference.

Keep your eyes peeled on our LinkedIn page for more information about the two-day virtual event.


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We have dedicated placement teams that are here to help.

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Joining Us

You will need your:

  • CV covering up to 10 years work/education experience and explaining any gaps over 28 days.
  1. Create an account
  2. Register your details
  3. Upload your CV
  4. Answer a few short questions around your availability and how you would like to work with NHSP
  1. Our recruitment team will review your information for any immediate placements within your preferred travel distance.
  2. On finding a match, you will receive a call and/or email inviting you to apply to a specific role
  3. You will be guided through an application form. Please have any professional registration details to hand – you’ll need your registration number and expiry (as applicable).
  4. A series of 5 automated video interview questions will follow the form – make sure you’re somewhere quiet but just be yourself and answer conversationally.
  5. The entire process will take approximately 15 minutes.
  1. You may be asked to attend a short interview with the Hiring Manager in the Trust. This could be a telephone call, video call or in person.  Not all applicants are required to undergo a clinical interview in this way.  The recruitment team will let you know if it is required.

  2. Once complete and reviewed, you’ll be directed to our vetting provider to complete necessary checks such as, professional registration, employment and reference checks and DBS. You’ll be asked to complete a health questionnaire by our Occupational Health providers, Optima Health, and we’ll send you a link to our online learning platform Learnspace, to complete any job specific training.

  3. Once the above is complete and approved, you’ll need to provide:
    1. Bank details
    2. National Insurance number
    3. Emergency contact details
    4. Uniform information
    5. ID badge photo

  4. A short Right to work check will be required so please make sure you have a valid passport, visa, or other relevant document to hand.

  5. You’ll receive information to allow you to log onto My:Bank to book and view shifts, and manage and release timesheets once worked.

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If you are known by a Trust manager or if you are employed by a Trust where you wish to pick up additional shifts on the bank:

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If you are looking for a role as a Healthcare Assistant, Nurse, or Midwife you can find out more here.