Working Shifts at East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT)


Trust ID Swipe Card

NHS Professionals Bank Members will need to get a Trust ID card which will provide access to wards and clinical areas that you might be working in.

In order to get a Trust ID card:

  • Wait for your NHS Professionals ID badge to arrive in the post
  • Upon booking a shift, contact the Manager to place a request with IT for you to be provided with an Access Card
  • IT will then advise you where you need to attend to have your photo taken and what the next steps for your Access Card to be provided will be


IT System Access

You will likely be required to use Trust IT systems for your role and will therefore need a Trust IT Network Account.

In order to get a Trust IT account:

  • Upon booking a shift, contact the Manager who will place a request with IT for you to be provided with an IT Account
  • The Manager or IT will then advise you of any further steps required before access is provided


Other Trust Access

  • Should you require access to any further Trust equipment or systems, this access will need to be requested through a Manager in the area in which you are working as NHS Professionals do not have ability to grant this access



NHS Professionals Bank Members can apply for a parking permit at the Trust however there are limited spaces and therefore a pass is not guaranteed.

In order to apply for a Parking Permit, you will need to apply via the permit platform and when prompted to provide details of someone to authorise the application, you can enter in order for NHS Professionals to verify that you are registered and will be working shifts as per the information you have entered

If you are unable to secure a Parking Permit, use of the Park and Ride in both Colchester and Ipswich is free to NHS Staff, simply by showing your ID Badge upon boarding and will drop you at / puck you up from the Hospital directly.

Colchester Hospital and Ipswich Hospital are both served by public transport should you require it and provide secure space to lock your bike if this is your preferred method of travel


Navigating within the Hospital

Maps are provided within both Hospitals to help you find your way around, and if you are unsure you can always contact your local NHS Professionals team by email on or by phone on 03330 144 282.

If you book and arrive for a shift but are unsure where to report to, please go to Site Operations who will be able to direct you accordingly.