Attend a Document Verification Appointment

Attend a Document Verification Appointment

Please note: This page is for Bank Only applicants

Once our team have reviewed the documents you uploaded via Trust ID, you will receive an email from us inviting you to a document verification appointment. Please only book an appointment once you have received this email.

What is a document verification appointment? 

We need to see physical copies of the documents you uploaded via Trust ID in order to verify them and this gives us a chance to do this.

How do I book one? 

You can book a document verification appointment with your NHSP Onsite Team. To book an appointment you will need to contact them in advance. You can find their details by clicking here. Choose your Trust and then scroll to the bottom of their webpage for contact details.

What do I need to bring with me? 

Please use the checklist below to ensure you bring everything you need to your appointment:

All documents must match those uploaded via Trust ID or we will not be able to complete the verification and you will need to book another appointment.

  • Proof of Right to Work in the UK
  • 2 x Proof of Address documents
  • Photographic ID (only required if your proof of Right to Work does not include a photograph)

How long will the appointment last? 

No longer than 15 minutes. During this appointment one of our team will verify your documents, explain next steps and answer any questions you have.