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A big thank you...
We would like to take the opportunity to thank each one of you for your efforts, on behalf of all patients and staff at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, during this COVID-19 pandemic.
The support you have provided is nothing short of outstanding! Every single shift worked has made a real difference to every patient and you should be incredibly proud of yourselves.
While it is now considered that we are past the initial peak, we still need you. We are entering the next phase of COVID-19 and whilst we transition into the ‘new normal’, services will begin to increase and as always, we will rely on our Bank Staff to continue to support us in delivering the best quality care for our patients.
The Trust is required to have an extremely flexible approach to support the needs of our patients during this challenging time and we cannot do this without the support of our Bank. You may have noticed a reduction in the number of shifts available via NHSP over the last few weeks, which has been due to a significant number of services being placed on hold.
We are addressing this to ensure the plans for services are resumed, so you’re able to book shifts via My:Bank . Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Thank you for your continued support and hard work during this unprecedented time.
New Incentive for Registered Nurses
A new NHSP Incentive commenced on Monday 22nd June at North Devon District Hospital!
Earn a higher hourly rate for your short-notice NHSP shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward at North Devon District Hospital!
Terms and Conditions:
  • Only shifts under code RNT00 or RNT08 will be eligible
  • Higher Hourly Rate is as follows:
    • Days = £20 per hour
    • Nights/Saturdays = £25 per hour
    • Sundays/Bank Holidays = £30 per hour
  • Shifts will be available a maximum of 72 hours before the shift start time
  • All shifts are on an “allocation on arrival” basis where you will be advised by the Trust at the start of your shift the location/ward you are required to work
  • By booking into the RNT00 or RNT08 shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward, you are agreeing to work in all areas. You cannot decline to work in certain areas.
  • One refusal or cancellation will result in your being blocked from the RNT00/RNT08 shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward
  • If you are booked to work in another area, cancel that shift and book to work an RNT00/RNT08 shift on Luxton Incentive Ward instead, you will be blocked from the RNT00/RNT08 shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward in the future
Northern Devon has launched a Bankshare with University Hospitals Plymouth and Livewell South West.
You will now be able to see shifts at both of those Trusts, as well as Northern Devon, on your My:Bank profile.
To gain experience in other environments, please do feel free to book in through Bankshare!
Reusable face coverings are being provided to all staff to wear to and from work, particularly when traveling on public transport, and in public areas like supermarkets, shops, and schools/nurseries.
Masks have been delivered to most areas for Bank workers, but if you haven’t received one yet and require one, please contact or
The reusable face coverings should be placed in a suitable container or bag while you are at work and wearing a mask (please remember to bring this with you to work). These can be washed and reused; they should be washed in an ordinary washing machine – preferably at 60 degrees C.
Please note that these face coverings should not be used when caring for patients in clinical areas.
Uniform/ ID badge
A polite reminder, that it is very important to wear the correct uniform on all your shifts.
Also, the staff-bank team has a lot of yellow name badges that staff may still need to collect. To arrange collection, please contact the Staffbank Team on 01271 313938 or
Further support...
For any further support at this unprecedented time, we do have an Employee Assistance Programme which is available 24/7.
The link to our Employee Assistance Programme (if you go to the login section, the password is: NHSP
It contains all the helpful information and they are offering a counselling service if required. The freephone number is 0800 328 1437 – again, just quote NHSP when you call.
Please note that all the information is strictly confidential between you and them and is not shared back to us so please rest assured that those conversations will remain confidential. 
Point of contact
With Northern Devon working in partnership with NHS Professionals, we know it can sometimes be confusing to know who is the best point of contact for different queries.
For support or information about working on the Bank, all the following teams are here to support you:
National Service Centre – 03332 407 552 (open 24 hours/7 days a week)
  • Log in details
  • Password re-sets
  • Booking shifts
  • Problems viewing shifts
  • Canceling shifts
Flexible Worker
  • Change of address or email
  • Updating bank details
  • Visa updates
Flexible Worker HR –
  • Sick pay queries
  • Maternity queries
  • References (confirmations of earnings, tenancy)
Holiday Bookings Team –
  • Holiday log-in queries
  • General holiday queries
  • Holiday pay rates
  • Holiday cancellations
Payroll (SBS) – 0303 123 1144
  • Payroll queries
  • Missing payments
Tax Queries (HMRC) – 0300 200 3300
  • General tax queries
  • National Insurance queries
  • Tax code queries
Northern Devon Trust Services Partner – Clare Holland (07785 762077 or
  • Verifying application documents
  • Adding assignment codes
  • My:Bank / Our:Bank onsite training
  • Escalating any existing queries
Staff Bank Team – 01271 313938 or
  • Concerns or issues with training
  • Supervision maternity risk assessments
  • Referrals to Occ Health
  • Physio Uniform replacements
This is a hard time for all of us. Now, more than ever, we need to be kind to ourselves and others.
Remember that we are not all in the same boat. Respect others reach out and offer support, even if your opinions are different. Our circumstances are not the same so we must understand, not criticise.


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