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Hello and welcome to the second edition of your NHS Professionals newsletter for Northern Devon!
NHSP Star of the Month
We are delighted to celebrate that our July Star of the Month is Care Support Worker Sally Avery. We received this glowing feedback about Sally which resulted in this nomination:
“I also must pass on a mention about Sally Avery, a Bank HCA who I have worked with on the swabbing unit and who has welcomed me into North Devon District Hospital. She has gone out of her way to show me around the hospital, explain hospital computer systems, procedures etc. Sally took me onto the wards to assist wards with inpatient COVID-19 testing and spent time showing me patient paperwork, care plans etc and introduced me to different departments and staff. I must thank her for her hard work and professional support.”
Well done Sally – your efforts are hugely appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work! 
On-going Incentive for Registered Nurses
The NHSP Incentive at North Devon District Hospital is still ongoing and available!
Earn a higher hourly rate for your short-notice NHSP shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward at North Devon District Hospital!
  • Days = £20 per hour
  • Nights/Saturdays = £25 per hour
  • Sundays/Bank Holidays = £30 per hour
Terms and Conditions:
  • Only shifts under code RNT00 or RNT08 will be eligible
  • Shifts will be available a maximum of 72 hours before the shift start time
  • All shifts are on an “allocation on arrival” basis where you will be advised by the Trust at the start of your shift the location/ward you are required to work
  • By booking into the RNT00 or RNT08 shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward, you are agreeing to work in all areas. You cannot decline to work in certain areas.
  • One refusal or cancellation will result in your being blocked from the RNT00/RNT08 shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward
  • If you are booked to work in another area, cancel that shift and book to work an RNT00/RNT08 shift on Luxton Incentive Ward instead, you will be blocked from the RNT00/RNT08 shifts on Luxton Incentive Ward in the future
Incentive Holiday Pay
We have been made aware that when working Luxton incentive shifts, some flexible workers have had their AWR entitlement reverted to 0 because of working under the new RNT00 or RNT08 code. Rest assured this will be manually amended and re-added for you as required every 3 months by NHSP Payroll, so you will not be disadvantaged by working incentive shifts.
Risk assessments
This is a reminder that you must complete your staff risk assessment for COVID-19 (unless you are NHSP Bank Only, in which case we will contact you separately about your NHSP risk assessment).
The goal of the risk assessment is to identify any support or adjustments you need to help you remain safe at work. Even if you do not feel that you are at risk, you must still complete one. If you haven’t completed it yet, the Trust’s online risk assessment form is quick and easy to fill out. If you have any queries, please contact Trust Occupational Health on rde-tr.occhealthcovid@nhs.net
Training update and email account
It is a trust requirement to ensure your mandatory training is up to date and it may lead to you being restricted from working on the bank if this is not completed.
Please can you ensure you have an active NHS email account and check it regularly as this is the only way Workforce and Development team will communicate training compliance. If you do not have an active email, please ring the IT helpdesk on 0300 123 1722. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the staff bank office on Ndht.staffbank@nhs.net
Weekend shift approval
Moving forward, please be advised that we are recommending a Friday to Friday approach with regards to timesheet authorisation expectations.
This means that shifts Monday to Friday early will be authorised by the end of the working week in time for the 23:59 Sunday deadline, but any shifts from Friday Late/Saturday/ Sunday will not be authorised until the following week. This will help you fall into a regular weekly pattern without needing urgent approval over the weekend. 
Ensure contact details are updated
Please ensure you keep your contact details with us updated so that we can call/email you for things like cancellations, shift changes or availability calls. If you would like to check what details we have on file and/or amend them, please contact SouthWestCRTeam@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk
Self isolation entitlement
In relation to COVID-19, please be advised that NHSP flexible workers are entitled to take special leave with pay for the recommended period of self-isolation or sickness. Your health and safety are our priority and this special pay provision is in place to ensure you are not financially disadvantaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
You will receive the normal shift payment for pre-booked shifts during any period of self-isolation or sickness with COVID-19. Please cancel out of the pre-booked shifts using the option "self-isolation" and then fill in the self-isolation form on our website here: https://www.nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk/COVID-19
Lines of work
If you are a Registered Nurse or Care Support Worker, would you be interested in a regular shift pattern in one committed area for a period? If so, please can you contact your local NHSP representative Clare Holland on SouthWestCRTeam@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk to confirm you would be interested in lines of work.
From time to time, we have requests from Wards/Depts for committed workers in a set shift pattern for a period of time, to support with continuity of care or specific projects, so if you would consider this, please let us know and we will keep your details on file. 
Further support
If you feel you need any further support at this unprecedented time, we do have an Employee Assistance Programme which is available 24/7.
The link to our Employee Assistance Programme is: https://employeeassistance.org.uk/ (if you go to the login section, the password is: NHSP
It is packed with useful and helpful information and they do offer a counselling service too. The freephone number is 0800 328 1437 – again, just quote NHSP when you call. All the information is strictly confidential between you and them and is not shared back to us so please rest assured that those conversations will remain confidential. 
Point of contact
If you need any further assistance from NHSP or the Staffbank team, please contact us via the following:
NHSP National Service Centre – 03332 407 552 (open 24 hours/7 days a week)
  • Log in details
  • Password re-sets
  • Booking shifts
  • Problems viewing shifts
  • Cancelling shifts
Northern Devon Trust Services Partner – Clare Holland (07785 762077 or SouthWestCRTeam@nhsprofessionals.nhs.uk)
  • Verifying application documents
  • Adding assignment codes
  • My:Bank / Our:Bank onsite training
  • Escalating any existing queries
Staff Bank Team – 01271 313938 or ndht.staffbank@nhs.net
  • Concerns or issues with training
  • Supervision maternity risk assessments
  • Referrals to Occ Health
  • Physio Uniform replacements


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