Incentive for Registered Nurses

In response to the recent survey we sent to you, there have been some exciting changes made to the existing incentive for Registered Nurses at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, effective from 1st October 2020.

What are the changes?

  • Incentive shifts will now be visible on the specific wards – you will be able to see these as they will have an RNT00 or RNT08 assignment code.
  • Early and Late split shift times will now also be available on Luxton Incentive Ward at the enhanced rate – giving you more flexibility on your working pattern!
  • Pick up an additional shift on an allocated ward for an extra £49.91, based on weekday shifts!
  • Work 2 additional shifts and receive an extra £99.82*
  • Work 4 additional shifts and receive an extra £199.64*
  • Work 6 additional shifts and receive an extra £299.46*

*Amounts based on Gross payments for a 11.5 hour weekday shift.

If you have any queries please contact your local NHSP Team by emailing or give them a call on 07785 762077.

Thank you for your continued support.


Full terms & conditions:

  • Only shifts under the RNT code will be eligible for the enhanced rate of pay.
  • Shifts will be available a maximum of 72 hours prior to shift start time.
  • You must have the core competency skills of IV’S and drug administration.
  • By booking onto RNT shifts you are agreeing to work on the allocated ward, however you may be asked to move if required.
  • Refusal or Cancellation would result in you being blocked from the incentive scheme.
  • You must not cancel previously booked shifts to pick up the RNT00 shifts , in doing so you be blocked from the incentive Scheme.