Bankshare Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to complete a new Risk Assessment? 

No, you will not need to complete a new Risk Assessment however you must keep a copy of your Risk Assessment status with you on shift to show as requested.  

You must also contact the Temporary Staffing Team at the Trust you are wanting to book shifts at prior to booking if your Risk Assessment result was medium or high. 

Do I have to wear a different uniform if I work bank shifts at another Bankshare Trust?  

Substantive staff for each Trust should continue to wear their Trust uniform whilst on bank shifts in their own Trust. If you choose to work a shift at your neighbouring Trust via the Bankshare® you will be required to wear an NHSP bank uniform. Please contact your local NHSP team to request a uniform form. 

Will I require an NHSP ID card if I work bank shifts in another Bankshare Trust? 

Yes, NHSP will supply you with an NHSP ID badge which must be worn when undertaking bank shifts at any location in which you are not a substantive member of staff. Please contact your local NHSP team to request your ID badge prior to undertaking your first shift and for your photograph to be taken. 

Will I still be paid weekly? 

Yes, regardless of which member Trust you work in, you will still be paid weekly (Friday) as per the usual process when working via the bank. Please refer to for further details including bank holiday payment schedules.  

Will I be paid the same rate at the different member Trusts? 

When you accept shifts via Bankshare, you will be paid on the business-as-usual rate for that specific Trust, Ward & Department. Please contact your local NHSP team for more information. Upon booking, your gross pay will be displayed on your ‘MyBank’ booking. 

Will my current assignment codes be applicable in another Trust if they are a member of Bankshare®? 

Your current assignment codes will not change however please check with your local NHSP team if additional training is required for the specific ward/service/location you are booking.  

What training do I require to work at a neighbouring Trust, and will I still be able to book into a shift the same way I normally do? 

Your existing training will be recognised at both Trusts, but additional training may be required when working a shift at the following Trusts: 

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust: 

EPR Training 

EPR Training is compulsory for all clinical staff. This will include inpatient clinical documentation and electronic prescription medicines management. Clinical staff will only be able to undertake shifts at the hospital once the online EPR training course has been completed.  


Depending on your role, you may require a smartcard. Your local team will be able to confirm if this applies and support your application for one. If you already have a Smartcard, you do not need another one to work at a different Trust. 

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: 


Bank Members will require a Smartcard to allow them access to the Patient Care system this is applicable for all inpatient areas (if you are booking shifts outside of these areas please check if a Smartcard is needed with the local NHSP team).  

To obtain a smartcard, please email: or call 0300 365 2438 and choose option 2 and request an appointment. If you already have a Smartcard, you do not need another one to work at a different Trust. 

RiO Training: 

Bank Members will need to complete online Rio system training for all inpatient areas (if you are booking shifts outside of these areas please check if RiO is needed with the local NHSP team), this training must be completed prior to a first shift. 

What happens when I am in my preceptorship period? 

Staff need to have completed their preceptorship period before they can work on the banks of member Trusts. To ensure you are well supported, new registrants need to complete their preceptorship period in their own ward prior to undertaking bank shifts elsewhere. 

Will parking costs be the same at both Trust’s? 

Car Parking charges differ across both Trusts. Contact your local NHSP team to confirm the cost or check the ‘Ward and Services Locations’ page on this site. 

If I have more questions, where can I go to find the answers? 

Your local NHSP team will be able to help: