Working Shifts at Livewell South West

Livewell ID Access Card

We recommend all NHS Professionals Bank Members obtain a Livewell ID Access card. To order an ID Access card please email with your name, job role and photo.

IT Network Account

Most NHSP Bank members will require an IT Network Account, when working shifts at Livewell. To set-up an IT network account please contact the local NHSP team and request an IT network request form. Please email the team at

SystemOne Access/Smartcard

‘SystemOne’ is Livewell’s electronic notes system. SystemOne training is available to NHSP staff and comprises of two 2 parts. The first section is online and the second is via face-to-face training. To access the online training, you will require an external learners account and this can be requested by contacting the local NHSP office at Once the online training is complete you will then need to contact the Livewell training team to book the face-to-face training session. Please email A Smartcard is also required to complete the training. Smartcards can only be requested by Livewell staff and not NHSP. If you are unable to locate a Smartcard sponsor, please contact the local NHSP team for further advice.

Working at Mental Health Inpatient Units

Physical Intervention & Breakaway Training

Physical Intervention (PI) training is mandatory for all staff working within inpatient mental health wards at Livewell. NHS Professionals Bank Staff will be paid for completing the training which can be booked by contacting the Livewell training team at

Observation Policy

The Observation Policy MUST be read BEFORE your first shift at any of Livewell Southwest's Mental Health Inpatient Units. Please note that you will be assessed on the policy on your first shift at any Mental Health Inpatient Units. The policy can be viewed by clicking here.

Uniform Policy

Uniform is required to be worn at:

  • Edgcumbe Unit Older People Mental Health
  • Cotehele Unit Older People Mental Health

Uniform is NOT to be worn at:

  • Glenbourne Unit (Bridford Ward, Harford Ward, Place of Safety Suite)
  • Greenfields Unit
  • Lee Mill Unit
  • Syrena Unit
  • Plymbridge House (CAMHS Tier 4)

Please ensure that you adhere to the dress code below:

  • Smart casual
  • Tops must be "bare below elbow"
  • Flat "toe-covered" shoes, no opened back shoes
  • No jeans, no low rise trousers/hipsters
  • No jewellery, no wrist watches
  • Covering of tattoos as best as possible 
  • Hair tied up 
  • No hoodies 
  • No clothing with big brand names or offensive language on them 
  • No dresses/skirts - to be able to respond to Physical Intervention 
  • No clothing that looks like it has been spray painted on so that it leaves nothing to the imagination 
  • No clothing that reveals the chest area
  • No facial piercings
  • No ties, lanyards or scarves
  • No long or artificial fingernails, no nail varnish

Other information:

  • Please do not travel to or from work in uniform.
  • Please change into your uniform upon arrival to the ward at the start of your shift.
  • Please ensure you change out of your uniform before leaving the ward at the end of your shift. 

Other Livewell Southwest Policies

NHS Professionals staff working at Livewell Southwest should familiarise themselves with the Livewell Southwest Policies which can be accessed by clicking here.

Parking and Travel

Livewell Southwest is based over several sites across Plymouth and the outlying areas. Most sites have free parking available or nearby street parking, except the Glenbourne Unit.  This unit is based at Derriford Hospital site and a permit is required to park at Derriford.  For any parking queries at Derriford Hospital, the parking desk is located in main reception on level 6 Derriford hospital. For further information please contact Saba on 01752 432000.  Alternatively, there is a regular bus service to and from Plymouth City Centre to Derriford. There is also a Park and Ride service based at George Junction Park and Ride to Derriford hospital.