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Agenda for Change Pay Award 2023

As you may be aware, the government has announced the 2023 pay uplift for NHS workers. Please release all timesheets for any shifts you may have worked by 18th June 2023. If you are waiting for any shifts to be authorised, please contact your shift authoriser and ask for them to be approved.

Why have I not been paid?

Here are some of the common reasons you may not have been paid for a shift:

You missed the cut-off

You will get paid on a Friday if you release your shift before midnight the previous Sunday. For example, a shift released before midnight on Sunday 10 July 2022 is paid on Friday 15 July 2022. If you miss the cut-off for releasing a shift for a week, you will instead be paid the following week.

Bank Holidays may change your time sheet cut-off dates and pay days. This also affects holiday shift pay dates. We will email you about any changes. Details will also appear on the login page of My:Bank.

Your shift has not been authorised by your line manager

We can't pay you for a shift until both you and your line manager agree to the details of the shift. If your line manager hasn't yet authorised your shift, please speak to them and ask them to do so. Once they have authorised the shift, you will be able to check it and release it for payment through My:Bank.

You haven't released your shift

We can't pay you for a shift until you release it for payment. For more information on how to do this, please see our article here.

You are not booked into a shift in My:Bank

If you are not booked into a shift on My:Bank, we have no way of knowing you have worked that shift. Unfortunately, you can't book shifts after you have worked them.

If you have worked a shift but it is not on My:Bank, please contact your Ward Manager. They will then be able to add the shift for you or contact your local Client Services team to get it added if possible.

You've Recently Left Your Substantive Post

If your contract with the Trust has come to an end, your NHSP contract will also have ended. Once you have completed a new application by clicking here, you can continue to work for NHSP. You can find more information about the Bank Exclusive application process here.

You are not registered with NHS Professionals

If you have not registered with NHS Professionals, we cannot pay you for any shifts worked. Until you are fully registered, you are not insured nor legally compliant to work.

We cannot pay you for any shifts worked before your contract with us started. If you have worked shifts before your contract start date, please contact the relevant Ward Manager and advise them of the situation.

Your Assignment Code is Incorrect

You may have been given an assignment code which the Trust does not use and has not set up a pay scale for. All pay rates are decided by the individual Trusts depending on their needs and we do not have influence on them.

If your shift looks correct but your gross pay is £0, please contact your local Trust Services team. Contact details for your local Trust Services team are here.

Other Reasons

There could be other reasons why you may not have been paid for a shift. If you cannot find the answer above, please contact your local Client Services team here. You can also call us 24/7 on 03332 407 552 or open a support ticket by filling out our contact form here.

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