Flexible Nursing Pool


Since 2018, the Flexible Nursing Pool has greatly supported Oxford University Hospitals with last-minute staffing requirements, fulfilling needs for additional Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants across a vast range of wards.


Members of the Flexible Pool make a real difference to patients’ lives during their stay, greatly support NHS colleagues and build upon skills at a vast range of clinical areas throughout the Trust

Hourly rates for Flexible Pool shifts are competitive and reward Pool Members for their flexibility in where they are allocated to work. 


How Flexible Pool shifts work


Flexible Pool shifts are booked, authorised and released in the same way as other bank shifts are, although there are some differences

  • Pool members are sent to wards with staffing requirements, the shift location is decided at Trust meetings throughout day.

  • Pool Members login to their MyBank access one hour before their pool shift is due to commence, to find out where they are working. The shift will automatically update to the correct ward. 

  • Pool members agree to a set of terms and conditions prior to joining, one of these is the expectation that the shift is not cancelled after being allocated to an area. 


Interested in joining the Flexible Pool?

Please read the terms and conditions of the Flexible Pool, found here

If you are happy with the terms of the pool, please sign and complete the document and return it to ouhadmin@NHSProfessionals.nhs.uk or visit one of our offices to hand it in person.


Flexible Pool hourly rates

Staff Group


Night / Saturday

Sun/ Bank Hol

Registered Nurse





Care Support Worker






Questions about the Flexible Pool?


The Oxford Trust Services Team will be delighted to support you with any queries you may have about the Flexible Pool, you are welcome to email us on OUHAdmin@NHSProfessionals.nhs.uk or visit one of our office, the locations and opening hours can be found on our microsite https://ouhp.nhsp.uk


Oxford University Hospitals have provided a useful guide for staff who are sent to the Emergency Department and Emergency Assessment Unit.