Staff accommodation FAQs

Who is eligible for temporary staff accommodation?
The Trust is supporting staff including NHSP/agency staff with local accommodation in line with national guidance from Public Health England (PHE) and has recently ratified a number of other set criteria. OUH, bank, agency and PFI staff working in an OUH hospital who meet the criteria below may apply for temporary staff accommodation.

Staff who choose to move out of home urgently due to other members of their household who are self-isolating, allowing them to continue to work as advised by PHE.

Staff who are currently living with someone in one of the high risk categories and need to move away for a period of time for shielding purposes due to direct contact with COVID patients.

Staff whose travel to work arrangements have had severe disruption, meaning that they are unable to travel to work or would have significantly longer journeys.

Staff whose working patterns have been changed, impacting on their normal accommodation, travel or carer responsibilities.

Staff who need to stay on site following a long shift and need rest before travelling home.

For further information please contact the Accommodation Bureau:

How do I apply for temporary staff accommodation?
For questions or queries, please contact:
Where is the accommodation?
Accommodation is available in Oxford and Banbury. Single rooms in local accommodation are provided for up to 14 days initially, and then reviewed. Priority is given to clinical staff and applications are considered on a case by case basis. There is no cost to staff but, as there is a cost to the NHS, rooms are allocated to those who urgently and genuinely need them.
How long will I have the temporary accommodation?
The Trust will support you in finding local accommodation for an initial 14 days and up to the period of time for shielding outlined by the government. Application and extensions will be decided on a case by case basis.
Will I be charged for temporary accommodation?
There is no cost to staff and applications are considered on a case by case basis.
Will my food be funded when I'm in accommodation?
Oxford Hospitals Charity is providing care packages, and we are supporting people where we can. We recommend that, if you're in accommodation, you make use of the food available on our hospital sites.