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What can the bank offer you?

Whether you want to earn extra money, achieve a better work life balance, or develop your career, we have the opportunities for you.  NHSP can help you achieve this through the bank. Join today and enjoy a number of benefits:

Career progression 

  • We’ll support you right through your career, at each and every stage 
  • We’ll give you access to lifelong learning tools and resources 
  • We’ll give you opportunities to gain experience and build skills 
  • We’ll give you opportunities to take on new roles and challenges 

Work-life balance 

  •  We’ll give you control to book shifts for a healthy work-life balance 
  • We’ll give you paid holiday so you can enjoy your free time 
  • We’ll give you access to a range of wellbeing resources to support your health 
  • We’ll celebrate your achievements with reward and recognition  

Opportunity and access 

  • We’ll give you first refusal on hundreds of shifts and placements 
  • We’ll give you access to the best choice of Trusts 
  • We’ll use our market-leading network to give you the best opportunities 
  • We’ll use our expertise and experience to help you make the right choices 

Become a member

Register with NHS Professionals to become a member and look forward to a choice of flexible working opportunities, work-life balance and health and wellbeing advice.

Join the staff bank and you will have access to shifts before they are made available to Agency*.

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To apply through any of our registration routes complete an online application form by clicking above. A series of screening questions will make sure we find the right registration route for you.

Please note, you will be contacted by email throughout the recruitment process, so please check your emails, including your junk/spam regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on Important Communications regarding your application.