Booking your first shift

Once you have received your ID badge and uniform (if applicable) you can book your first shift.

This page has all the information you need on booking shifts and getting paid.

Getting started

Simply log onto My:Bank, read and sign your Registration Agreement and you'll be be able to do the following:

  • Book shifts
  • Release your authorised timesheets to get paid
  • View and download your payslips
  • Book paid annual leave.

Tip: If you can’t see any available shifts, double check your availability settings

User Guide

We have a visual user guide with top tips on how to use My:Bank which you can check out here.

Cancelling a shift

We understand that there are times when you may need to cancel a booked assignment, to do this you will need to refuse the assignment using your My:Bank account and select the most appropriate reason.

Short Notice Cancellations

Cancelling a booked assignment less than 12 hours before the start time may be considered a ‘Short Notice Cancellation’ and will be subject to review by our HR team.

For more information on our attendance guidelines please click here.

Timesheet authorisation 

In order to receive payment for a shift you have worked, this must be authorised by the ward manager. 

Once authorised you will be able to release this shift for payment. Before you do so, make sure you check that the details are correct including, start and finish time as well as any breaks. If this information is incorrect you can use the query button to to send this back to the ward manager to amend and re-authorise. 


As an NHSP Bank Member, you have the benefit of weekly pay. 

Timesheets must be released by 23:59 on a Sunday to receive payment the following Friday. 

Viewing Payslips 

You can view your payslips via My:Bank, just head to the main menu and click on 'My Payslips'. 

Need support?

Check out our My:Bank user guide here.

Our Shift Booking Team are available Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 to help you, just give them a call on 03330 144 372.

Our National Service Centre work around the clock just like you so if you need support outside of the above hours, please give them a call on 03332 407 552