Administration of Medication

For Registered Nurses & Nursing Associates

As registered healthcare professionals working bank shifts, you will be expected to administer medication to your patients, within the scope of your professional practice.

Good medicines management is an integral part of most nursing and midwifery practice. It includes the administration of medicines, prescribing and supporting people to take their medicines correctly.

As a Bank Member who is part of the healthcare professional team, please consider the following:

  1. Be aware and familiar with the Trust/Organisation(s) policies and guidelines where you are undertaking shift assignments including, the organisations' Medicine Management & Administration Policy.

  2. When delivering care always adhere to the Trust policies and processes.

  3. Bank Members must confirm with the nurse/manager in charge of the shift which parts of the medicines administration process they may participate in according to the local policy.

  4. When permitted to do so, Bank Members must only undertake those aspects of care/medicine administration in which they have been trained, are competent in and, if required, have been assessed.

  5. Registered Nurses and nursing associates must always work within the scope of their Standards of Proficiency.

  6. Uphold the NMC professional standards outlined in ‘The Code’ that nurses, midwives and nursing associates must adhere to maintain registration and practice in the UK.


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