Better Balance with the Bank

When we spoke to Margaret about her career and the experiences she's had, we were truly inspired. Working as a Midwife for over 47 years, Margaret continues to work bank shifts at her Trust at the weekends, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge to her patients, her team, and her Trust.

By working through NHS Professionals, Margaret can still work in a role that she clearly loves and is dedicated to, while also balancing her home life.

“I work every Saturday and Sunday as a Midwife. I look forward to my shifts and love the challenge of contributing to the team. I enjoy the companionship of my colleagues, inspiring students in the career I have been so fortunate to be still apart of and being privileged to be caring for women at their most vulnerable times. Sharing the joy and sometimes, bitter grief with couples is rewarding and challenging.

I knew aged 7yrs old that I wanted to be a nurse but helping to care for my dad at age 14 when he was very ill and subsequently died, it made me certain of my career choice. One of the most memorable moments in my career was caring for my daughter during her labors and delivering my two grandsons - it was powerfully emotional and less stressful than I had imagined!

I started my Nurse training in 1971 and after qualifying, I worked in A&E as a staff nurse before commencing my Midwifery training in 1975. Since this time, I have worked mainly in women’s health, infertility nursing, and midwifery.

Although just shy of my 70th birthday, I have never felt any discrimination regarding my age but frequently feel respect from others, gratitude that I still work, and appreciation of the experience that I bring. I hope that experience that I have gained over five decades is of benefit to the team that I work with. Quiet confidence, along with a sense of proportion gained during countless situations both in and out of work, somehow gives me a sense of preparedness in environments that those less experienced can falter in.

My advice to anyone starting out today is to be courageous, be resilient, but above all be empathetic to those you care for and your colleagues. Your most precious tools for caring for those who need you are your eyes, your ears, and your hands! I wish you all the best for a career as rewarding as mine.” 

Margaret – Midwife, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

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