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For general enquires and support please open a support ticket, or call us on 03332 407 552.

At NHS Professionals we would like to hear from you so we can continue to improve our service.

Compliments - If one of our flexible workers has shown exceptional dedication or commitment to their job, or one of our local NHSP teams have provided phenomenal support, please submit the below form.

Feedback about a Bank Member - If you have any other feedback or are concerned about the conduct of an NHSP Bank Member or agency worker undertaking an assignment in your Trust via NHS Professionals, then please discuss this with the individual at the time. If you continue to have concerns, then please inform us by submitting the below form.  

Comments about NHS Professional’s service or staff - If you would like to provide feedback or have any concerns about NHS Professional’s services or staff, please speak to the relevant supervisor or manager who will try to resolve the matter with you directly. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please inform NHS Professionals by submitting the below form.

When you complete our form, this will be picked up by a dedicated member of our Customer Excellence team to investigate. You will then receive an acknowledgment within two days of submission. Please be aware, for issues that require further investigation it may take up to 25 working days for a resolution.


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