International Medical Student to NHS Doctor

International Medical student to NHS Doctor


Ibby joined the Gateway programme as part of our first cohort of international medical graduates, starting her placement as a junior doctor at Milton Keynes Hospital in March 2020.

Hear about her experiences of joining the NHS at the start of a pandemic and learn more about our Gateway for Doctors Programme


  1. How you have found the gateway programme so far

    I’d sum up my journey with the gateway programme with three words: Exciting, challenging and so worthwhile! I was able to obtain a job in my desired location, which has been a dream come true and would not have been possible without the Gateway. I have grown in confidence both personally and as junior doctor, thanks to the support the mentors you get which is arranged by Gateway Programme.


  2. What it has been like working on the frontline/ Your experience of the NHS and does it differ from your expectations?

    It has truly been an honour to serve on the frontline and to my community. My experience in the NHS differs massively to my initial expectations. Despite the many challenges the pandemic has brought, I have been able to integrate into the system despite being an international medical graduate - I have been able to integrate in the system and become part of a team to really make a difference to patients’ lives.


  3. Were there any challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

    Starting my first job at the beginning of the pandemic proved quite challenging initially. As the NHS was adjusting and making changes quite regularly, it was difficult to keep up at times. However, it wasn’t just me facing these challenges, as it was new experience for everyone and the camaraderie built with my colleagues and other NHS staff helped me to feel at ease during the whole process even though I was a new junior doctor.


  4. What has been your proudest moment working for the NHS so far?

    I was proud to have been part of the team that discharged a patient with COVID pneumonitis and had spent a considerable amount of time in hospital. The patient had been given a poor prognosis but had made a great recovery with the help of all the staff on the ward.


  5. If you could give one tip or piece of advice to a doctor considering the gateway programme, what would it be?

    My one tip for doctors considering the gateway programme would be to take advantage of the all the resources Gateway has available to make your decisions. You can also follow doctors that are currently on the Gateway programme- Myself and My friend Aista created a blog documenting our journey, so please feel free to check us out @the2medics on Instagram and ask us any questions!


  6. Any other information you would like to share?

Gateway has given me the security I never knew I needed! The team work hard to make sure once you are on the programme you get the most out of it!