Gabriela Land

At just 5 years old Gabriela knew she wanted to be a doctor. Growing up with a seriously ill parent made her acutely aware of the impact a doctor has on the lives of patients, and their families. She feels proud to of achieved this and be able work for the NHS, an organisation where everyone is treated equally. Working flexibly through Doctors Direct has given Gabriela the support she requires to be more present at home for her family.

Name: Gabriela M R Land

Trust: Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Speciality: Anaesthetics

Years Working for the NHS: 2

Years working for Doctors Direct: Less than 1 year


Why do you love working for the NHS?

Coming from a country where medicine has a price tag and you only receive the treatment that you pay, I feel immensely proud to work for an organisation where everybody is equal, the patient is the priority and the wallet does not make any difference. I feel the NHS is not just a national institution, it is an organisation that makes an impact on health systems worldwide. Audits and Guidelines created within the NHS are the base for treatment in many countries like the one I come from. The NHS has given me the opportunity to grow as a professional and as a human being.


How does working flexibly make a difference to your life?

Doctors Direct gives me the freedom of time and also an extra income for my family. I am the sole breadwinner in my house and my family can enjoy the benefits of time with me and I can perform much better as a mother and wife.


What has been your proudest moment working for the NHS?

I think there are many moments when I feel proud. I particularly feel I make a difference during my Special Needs surgical list. I am aware that some of my patients are unable to make it to the hospital or find it a very hostile environment due to learning disabilities, however me and my team have developed certain level of confidence and guidelines that allow us to treat these type of patients in a very individual and particular way, making the experience of coming to theatre not as traumatic as in normal circumstances would be.


What made you decide to become a doctor? Was it always a career you wanted to pursue?

I was always around hospitals and doctors as I grew up with a very ill parent. I wanted to be a doctor since the age of five when I was fist aware of my mum's serious illness. I though "what an amazing job"! making people feel better, helping them throughout the most vulnerable time and also their families.


Tell us about your life outside of the hospital, do you have any hobbies or interests?

I have two children and a pretty hectic life. I love traveling and discovering new places. Reading has always been my passion, being in front of a book is my preferred past time, but I am quite sporty and I like the gym and the outdoors.


You can take 3 items with you when stranded on a desert island, what do you take?

  • Item #1 A book
  • Item #2 Music
  • Item #3 My toothbrush