Alex Bunn

There was never any one thing that drew Alex to study medicine, just something that drew him to it, and a love for it that is compounded by a supportive team right from his very first day. For Alex, flexible working has allowed him to coordinate his work life around his partners’; a nurse. In his spare time Alex likes to travel as much as possible to where ever he can!

Name: Alex Bunn

Trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Your Speciality: Medicine

Years working for NHS: 1-3 years

Years working for Doctors Direct:1-3 years


Why do you love working for the NHS?

Variability in day to day work and patients encountered. New surprises from all walks of life. Supportive teamwork from the 1st day on a ward


How does flexible working make a difference to your life?

Doctors Direct enables me to coordinate shifts to spend time with my partner (nurse) more and more. Massive bonus.


What has been your proudest moment working for the NHS?

Enabling a dying man to have his life-long companion at his bedside; his dog


What made you decide to become a doctor? Was it always a career you wanted to pursue?

I can never answer this question, I just naturally drew to it and loved it ever since.


Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Travelling as much as I can and to wherever I can.


You can take 3 items with you when stranded on a desert island, what do you take?

  • Item #1 Macbook
  • Item #2 Sunglasses
  • Item #3 Mojito