Get first-hand experience by providing person centred care.

Are you looking to work flexibly around your studies? Want to gain experience in some of the top trusts in the country? Well you can, through the NHSP staff bank!

We are looking for Student Nurses to join the staff bank and work as Healthcare Assistant / Care support worker and provide care to patients in Acute and Mental health settings. Working through the bank is an excellent opportunity for you to gain industry experience within a care centred environment. Not only will it help you develop your skills, but it can also be a pathway into a great career as a nurse.

A little about us …

If a hospital cannot supply staff on a ward or area, due to increased demand, sickness, or common staff shortages, they need to call upon bank staff. NHS Professionals, owned by the Department of Health works with trusts to develop ‘bank’ of highly skilled workers who want to work flexibly with the NHS, this could be you!

Working through the NHSP bank means Trusts don’t have to rely on expensive agencies. Right now, we have over 130,000 members registered on our bank from various roles, grades and specialities, saving the NHS over £70 million each year. This money is then reinvested back into the NHS.

Working flexibly

We understand that being a student your plans can change, from study to social life. However, working through the bank lets you choose how you want to work and where you want to work, giving you complete flexibility. Joining the bank also let’s you work at any of our client trusts, so you can pick up a shift when you go home for summer or visiting friends.


Working as a Healthcare Assistant/Care Support Worker on the bank will allow you to access excellent clinical/medical training development opportunities. In return for your hard work and your professional, caring and reliable service you will have access to the following benefits:


  • Competitive pay rates
  • First choice of shifts
  • Access to shifts before they
  • are available to Agency
  • Flexible working to suit your lifestyle
  • Take control of when you want to work
  • Work this week, get
  • paid next week
  • Build holiday
  • allowance for every shift worked
  • Book and manage shifts online
  • Access shifts anywhere, anytime or through your smartphone
  • Support when you need it
  • 24/7 365 days
  • 03332 407 552
  • Stakeholder
  • pension scheme
  • available

Nearly finished your studies.

Once you qualify, you can work through the staff bank as a Nurse. We offer attractive rates and incentives, with flexible working options and a range of opportunities for development.

“Whilst doing my Nurse training, I heard about NHS Professionals, I signed up. I found that it was really great to do shift patterns around my placements. I started out as a health care assistant (Student Nurse). Then when I qualified, I found it was really easy to switch over to Nursing.”

James Simpson
Staff Nurse
Doncaster Royal Infirmary



Register with us today and have access to training and development opportunities in the NHS at some of the most prestigious NHS trusts in England.

*You can only apply through the Bank after completing 12-weeks clinical placement